Monday, June 20, 2011

Rodeo Bible Camp

Last week my daughter Sky got to attend Rodeo Bible Camp.  A huge thank you to Hi Plains Fellowship of Christian Cowboys!  They did an amazing job with these kids.  I think I heard 108 kids registered and there were over 100 helpers too!  So much fun!  The last day at the noon chapel time Lane Frost's parents were there to speak.  They handed out Lane Frost New Testaments to all the campers too.  My daughter learned so much about goat tying and about Jesus!  We will make a point to attend each year.  We live close enough that I don't have to sleep down there too, which makes it more fun for Mom only!

Here is the slideshow of pictures from last week.  At the end are pictures of some decorating I may have done to celebrate the birth of my friends' first baby.  A girl, in case the obvious escapes you ;) 

Sneak preview:

GRRRR, can't make it embed here, so here is just a link to the album!

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