Wednesday, February 23, 2011


  • You have barbed wire as a decoration in your house.  (In my case, in more than one location)
  • You will eat a sandwich cut by a knife that just 30 minutes ago was used to clean out the horses hooves.  Of course it has been cleaned, just wiped on the Hub's jeans right after he used it on the horses...
  • You have a section in the linen closet for "Calf Towels"
  • You have had calves in your bathtub, necessitating the "Calf Towels"
  • It isn't unusual to see the Hub's driving around with a calf on the floorboard of his pickup on a cold day to warm it up a bit before returning him to his momma
  • You never take a trip over the 4th of July, just in case you can cut wheat
  • You plan your wedding to be after wheat harvest, with enough time to work all your fallow, but before drilling time.

  • The Hubs never accompanies you to your Grandma's birthday party in Nebraska the last weekend of March since we are calving.
  • The biggest meal of the year you prepare isn't for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but for branding day.
  • If your shirt gets covered in mud/hydrolic oil/chemical/cow shit it's ok, if you dig thru Hub's pickup you will find another one for the day. 
  • A tailgate makes a great table for a summer time lunch feast.
  • That feast consists of a loaf of bread, a package of bologne, and a bag of chips and there are no plates or silverware.
  • You, nor the Hubs, has ever gotten the free Birthday steak at South Side since you both have July birthdays and are likely in the field until late at night.
  • You have farm dogs and house dogs.
  • You will never own a house cat, cuz those nasty stinky things belong in the barn
  • You buy 2 bags of cat food a year for the barn cats, cuz damn it, they'd better earn their keep by mousing!
  • You would never consider spending $15/day, every day, for your food, but will do it for the sweet 22 year old horse that has been teaching the kids to ride.
  • There are chaps hanging on the wall in the living room

    If you know how to rotate photos, please let me know
  • You know that not only do you look cool in chaps, that they also protect your legs AND keep you warm when moving cows horseback when it is cold outside.
  • You have taken dishes out of the dishwasher so you could wash calf bottles when you run it instead.
  • You know that when you are farming in the same field as either your Hubs or his Dad, you'd better announce that everything is ok and you are just stepping "out" for a second.  Because if you don't they are sure to catch you with your pants down as they come rushing over to see what is wrong with your tractor.
  • You are secretly excited to run for parts 100 miles away because you will pass a grocery store on the way and be able to stock up again.  Plus it means you will get to listen to some FM radio for an hour or two...
I bet I could think of these all day!  Any others you want to add???


  1. love this! I've been compiling a list of my own...pretty fun!

  2. Hahahahaha! love it. Little envious too. Miss you!

  3. This is an awesome list. You need to read some of my mom's posts at You certainly would see eye to eye! I have lot of barbed wire in my house too!