Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I Did Yesterday

  • Steam cleaned the living room, hallway, and basement.
  • Rearranged said living room.
  • Fell down the stairs to said basement with the steam cleaner.  Finding many more sore points today.  Ouch. 
  • Planned to take kids to ride their horses.
  • Got to the farm and ended up helping Jas build the new windbreak for the soon to be new corrals.  Our old water bed is being recycled for this project, see:
  • I got to haul water to our cows.  I really love to put our cows on cornstalks.  I really don't love to haul water every day.  Lucky for me I haven't had to, my father in law enjoys this task.  I got to yesterday.  In the mud.  In a heavy two-wheel drive pickup.  I was warned not to get too close.  It took me 4 tries to get close enough. The girls didn't seem to mind.
  • I lost my boot in the mud.
  • I was told later that Jas and his Dad had bets on me calling to say I was stuck in the mud.  Thanks guys.
  • I wondered if Maggie was really dead.  She plays dead well, don't ya think?
  • She was like this for at least 5 minutes
  • I loved on Mags for a bit, so she wouldn't have to be so pathetic for attention.
  • I tried unsucessfully to figure out why my Dish Network has no signal.  Need to call them...
  • I decided we would watch the first couple episodes of The Cosby Show on Netflix. 
  • I spent the first couple episodes of The Cosby Show explaining that yes, the show is funny, and yes their clothes look funny now, but didn't look that funny when I was a kid.  I also had to explain what a pager was and how it worked.
  • I decided we were all going to bed early.

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