Wednesday, July 6, 2011 Rocks!

I saw a coupon code to create a free 11x8.5 photo book at Mixbook last week on a deals blog I frequent.  I immediately started to create one for Sky with all the Rodeo Bible Camp pictures I had taken.  The website got so overwhelmed with business that everything locked up.  They were so kind!  They had us submit our project info and gave us a code for finishing our books for free.  (But only if you had started it before their time limit ran out)  I completed it.  Edited it.  And ordered it.  I thought I would show it to my husband last night and realized somehow one page ended up with 2 layouts and was a raging mess!  I went to the help button and chose Live Chat help.  I explained the problem.  She let me edit it again and they are REPRINTING my book!!!  I think Sky will LOVE this! (and I may love it a bit too)  I couldn't wait to share, so here is a link to our book !

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